30dec17 1st Engine Run — 15 Comments

  1. Great success! Sorry I missed it as I was very much looking forward to seeing this happen in person. Thanks to Clint for the rebuild and to him, John and Derrall for braving the sub-zero temperature for the test.

      • Thanks, Derrall. I think my heart beat an extra beat when it was running. Clint and Mark and others who worked on the engine deserve the credit. All I did, as Ed puts it was to “herd cats” who did the work.

  2. I have the jodel D11 down at the courtland tillsonburg flying club. I would absolutely love to fly with this D11 once it’s airworthy! Feel free to come down to check it out if you have any questions!

    • Thanks, Chad, it is good to know there is another D 11 around. I know there is one in London but was not aware of yours. We need to look at one of the others as we are not sure how to best fix the trim control. The current set up (a) does not work and (b) appears to be quite awkward to use if it did work. Is there any chance you could send us a picture of how your trim is controlled from the cockpit and how it is connected at the back?

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